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Monday, August 31, 2015

Iphone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 WATER TEST

Iphone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 WATER TEST Iphone 6 and Samsung Galaxy 6 are two of the most talked phones on the smartphone market. Their competition on owning the market and having the biggest number of phones sold leads into useful innovations and specific features which make people wonder which one is the best , which should they choose etc. Even though both companies Samsung and Apple officially announced that none of the phones is waterproof in the video below is a test if both phones will be still functional after dipping them in water. Even if they still work, what will happen to the charger port, display and speakers. To see what happens check the video below.

 Will the Samsung galaxy S6 and iphone S5 resist the water test even though none of them is water resistant? The video below After 10 minutes of putting both iphone 6 and Samsung galaxy S6 in the same amount of water at the same time its clearly noticable that they still are functional. Taking them out of water to check if some of the features got damaged we see that at Samsung S6 everything works perfectly the display speakers and the charging port but the iphone 6 instead has damaged speakers, other than that everything works fine. Putting them back to water to see how long will it take for them to die. At 17 minutes the Samsung galaxy S6 blacks out but it still works after booting and turning it on again but iphone 6 still works fine. After 30 minutes iphone 6 is still working perfectly except speakers but the Samsung galaxy instead hs been restarting and downloading automatically. As a conclusion even though none of them is water resistant they both won’t die and will still be working fine if dipped in water or fall in. Iphone 6 resisted for longer but Samsung S6 can still be recoverable.

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