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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fastest Quad copter In the world !

Flying a Quadcopter for a long range is not anymore a dream. The OFM Seeker 450 version 2 the special edition is here finaly . Now all the Lovers quadcopters and proffesional users for surveliance have the chance to enjoy the speed of this amzing Multirotor, Quadcopter are being used more and more for different missions in everyday life. 


OFM Seeker 450 V2 Special Edition now is with an efficient speed of 75kmph Cruise speed and also it is possible to make a full round trip of 4 kilometers with the good range from updated radio system.

Check the video of the OFM Seeker 450 V2 special edition where is tested for maximum speed . And on the next video we will see the specifications for long range flights l fast lane here at OFM. 

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